Omega 3 for Horses – Importance in Equine Diets

Do you know about omega 3 for horses and its importance in equine diets? Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid which cannot be made by the horse’s body and must be present in the equine daily diet for them to be truly healthy. There are numerous sources of omega 3 but which one is […]

Magnesium the Mighty Mineral by Dr Kellon

Magnesium for horses often receives little attention in equine nutrition. For example, you will rarely see it listed in the analysis on a feed bag. Despite this, it could easily be argued that no other mineral has as many important functions for supporting the best health in horses.   The biochemistry is complicated but basically […]

Winter Laminitis and the Cold

Here in the UK our winters are long and wet.  We are blessed really not to have too many extremes but it can be relentlessly miserable and this seems to set the scene for some horses to have problems with cold induced laminitis. Many people put these sensitivity issues down to the wet and that […]

Useful Facts PPID and IR – (No Laminitis Conference – 2013)

The Primary focus of the No Laminitis Conference is to prevent laminitis through disseminating information that can help metabolic and endocrinopathic horses.  ECIR is committed to providing high-quality information, with scientific backing and real-life experience. Forageplus attended this conference both to support the valuable work that this organisation is doing and also to learn and […]

Managing PPID(Cushings) and Insulin Resistance

All information was taken and obtained whilst Forageplus attended the 2013 ECIR No Laminitis conference. If you want to know the facts about identifying Cushings and IR in horses click here Managing Cushings Disease Equine Cushings disease is controlled by the medication Pergolide, this is only available through a veterinary prescription and is generally only […]

Ultra Low Iron Equine Balancers

It would be an understatement to say that here at Forageplus we are slightly obsessed by levels of iron in the horse’s diet. We formulate all our balancer products to ensure they contain the lowest iron content we can possibly achieve. We can  describe our balancers as ‘ultra low iron’ and believe that we have […]

Hoof Abscesses and Poor Hoof Quality: How minerals can help!

There appears to be a direct relationship between the imbalance of minerals in some forages and the occurrence of hoof abscesses and or poor hoof quality.  The usual profile of our UK forage and also much of that throughout Europe is one where a picture of high iron and high manganese blocks the uptake of […]

The importance of lysine

Lysine is an essential amino acid often short in horse grass and hay.  In this article Forageplus discusses the importance of lysine for horses which is an essential amino acid contained in the protein found in the horse’s daily diet. The article explains why supplementation is needed for all horses but especially breeding horses, horses […]