Using Forageplus to Feed Balanced Horse Vitamins and Minerals

Last Updated: | By Sarah Braithwaite, Author & Horse Health Expert

Horse owners are realising that it is very important to feed balanced horse vitamins and minerals to horses. Forageplus™ is unique as a nutrition company in that we have taken the results of many, many forage analysis sampled from grass, hay and haylage all over the UK and Europe and devised a range of horse balancers to supply balanced horse vitamins and minerals. Our formulas are carefully matched to statistical analysis  of our hundreds of scientific reports and are ‘forage focused’™ supplements.

Feed Balanced Horse Vitamins and Minerals - Forageplus

Our supplements are particularly useful for those unable to use forage analysis to check optimum levels of vitamins and minerals needed to be supplemented to horses.  They are also a brilliant base for those matching to a scientific analysis of the grass or hay eaten by a horse.

Our approach addresses and targets only the common imbalances in forage as matched to scientific analysis of forage and the ratios and levels set by the Nutritional Research Council and the Requirements for Horses. We believe this approach works much better than a broad spectrum horse vitamin and mineral approach and our balancers are fast becoming recognised for maintaining optimum health in all horses from the very youngest to the best performance horses.

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We also offer a bespoke supplement service for those horse owners who would like a supplement recipe matching exactly to their grass, hay or haylage profile.

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