Frog the Dog – Forageplus Odd Job Dog

Frog the Dog has been working at Forageplus since 2010 and started with Lee and Sarah in the kitchen in her basket next to the table. Even then she was showing promise as one of our most trusted and valuable workers.

frog the dog team forageplus

Frog has a number of key roles at Forageplus both in the office and the warehouse.

She is in charge of vermin control and under her exceptional leadership no rat, mouse, squirrel or rabbit dares to up set home at the company premises. Outside too, from 9 am until Sarah leaves, she maintains a presence making sure the area around Forageplus is completely squirrel free

Frog the Dog has the very important role of chief entertainments co-coordinator. She makes sure everyone in the office has a break by throwing her ball, watching her shake her toy badger and filling her treat ball for her morning breakfast, with exercise routine.

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She takes part in every Tuesday team meeting and checks that the deliveries are packaged neatly. When Sarah is away on company business she stands in as Sarah at her desk.

She says:

Working for Forageplus is very satisfying and I enjoy every minute of snuffling round checking for vermin. It is truly what I was born to do.

It is also important that the people who work at Forageplus don’t work too hard and have a nice time by playing with me.  Sometimes I have to remind them that there should be more play and less work by sitting by them, staring at them, looking at the toys and giving a little growl and a woof.

In my spare time I do quite a lot of sleeping in front of the log burner at home.  In the office I like sleeping too but I am always ready to go to the beach with Sarah and the horses and run down the beach trying to catch birds.

This year my goal is to learn to ride on the front of the saddle with Sarah so that I can go to the forest with her on her hacks out with Smurphy, Moo and Nupes.

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If you would like to watch Frog at work at Forageplus she often features on our daily Snapchat story.