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Find many of the answers to FAQs (frequently asked questions) about Forageplus™ forage based horse feed nutrition service on this page. Click on the picture below to gain access to our range of articles.

forageplus faqs testing hay and grass for horses

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My horse is sensitive to sugar levels, what information will forage analysis give me?

Do I need a soil test or a forage test for my horse feed diet plan?

What to do to analyse grass if your horse grazes a number of different fields?

Why can’t I get a nutritional analysis of grass for my horse?

Do I need a horse nutritional or a horse mineral analysis or both?

If I test minerals in my horse pasture won’t the results change through the year?

What do I do to test horse hay or haylage coming from a number of different fields or sources?

When would I need to test the water a horse drinks?

What to do to test horse grass when it is too short to analyse?

My horse is a good doer prone to laminitis, what information will a full mineral forage test give me?

Will there always be enough protein in horse diets?

Can I feed my horse too much selenium?

Is my horse diet balanced with a commercial balancer or feed?

If you have any other FAQs not answered here we are always willing to help so please contact us here.

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