Horse Balancers

Feed balancers contain essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids that your horse may not be getting in its natural diet of grass and hay. This diet is notoriously low in magnesium, copper and zinc. In the winter where hay is the greatest proportion of the horse diet then vitamin E will be very short. Whether you are feeding a young pony, an adult horse or a horse with a specific condition, there are balancers aimed at specific areas to improve your horse’s health.


Forageplus Equine Feed Balancers for Horses and Ponies


Horse Feed Balancers

Our horse feed balancers are highest quality, equine vitamin and mineral supplements designed to balance the total horse diet to the hay, grass or haylage your horse eats. Forageplus equine horse balancers are formulated using scientific forage analysis with reference to the National Research Council guidelines.

Therefore, our equine balancers contain ultra low levels of iron, as it is already sufficiently supplied in the grass or hay. Manganese and calcium are also usually supplied at high or good levels. They also have no fillers, are very low in sugar and starch and contain the highest purity minerals. Our Forage Focused™ formulas are based on data collected from extensive forage analysis we have carried out on hay, haylage and grass from all over the UK and Europe.

Do horses need a balancer?

With the grass or hay that horses feed on providing minerals, it is understandable that some might assume an equine balancer is unnecessary. However, it is not just the total amount of minerals per day needed but also the ratio of minerals which counts just as much, if not more.  Looking at ratios ensures horses get the right amount of magnesium, copper and zinc for them whilst keeping iron and manganese levels low.

Using statistical analysis of our mineral data we are unique among feed companies in developing a range of balancers which target only those minerals which are deficient and blocked by the antagonistic effect of minerals like iron and manganese which are in excess. These formulas are based on analysis of hundreds of samples of forage to acheive optimum health in horses. Our Forage Focused™ products allow owners to nutritionally target certain areas fro optimum health.

Balancers may be especially useful to horses on a forage -only diet, or of an unhealthy body weight. They are also helpful for older horses and with high energy feeds for hardworking horses.

Our formulas are based on data collected from the hundreds of forage analysis we have carried out on hay, haylage and grass from all over the UK and Europe.Click To Tweet

What can horse balancers help with?

Which balancers are best for my horse?

Incorporating equine balancer feed into your horse’s diet can help target different areas and support certain body conditions such as laminitis, a magnesium deficiency or equine joint problems. We offer 9 types of balancers, all helpful for different areas and horses.

Summer horse feed balancers

As the name suggest, these types of balancer are best for optimum health, weight and performance in the summer. These can be fed to all adult horses, including senior horses, on green and growing pasture from April – October.

Winter horse feed balancers

Unlike summer balancers, winter horse feed balancers contain vitamin E, which is rarely found in winter pasture or hay and haylage. Supplementing good levels of vitamin E will help to keep your horse healthy throughout the winter months. These balancers should be fed to all adult horses including, veteran horses,  from October – April.

Performance horse feed balancers

Performance balancers are best for hard working horses. They provide high levels of minerals and amino acids to support muscles, ligaments, recovery and a controlled energy release.

Laminitis prone / good doer horse feed balancers

This is the best balancer for horses who are prone to laminitis. It supports healthy hoof laminae and a strong hoof wall connection with essential fatty acids, high vitamin A, Vitamin D, magnesium, copper and zinc. This balancer contains extremely low iron, starch and sugar levels.

Hoof health horse feed balancers

Hoof health horse supplements also target healthy hooves using high levels of nutrients to support healthy keratin formation. The mineral ratios are also matched to the common deficiencies in forage.

Skin health horse feed balancers

If your horse suffers from flaky or itchy skin, these are the best balancers for them. Whether in a large of small concentrated feed, these supplements target dry skin episodes and support the best skin health for the future.

Pelleted horse feed balancer

Pelleted balancers can be fed directly to your horse or soaked in a bucket without the inconvenience of mixing powders.  This mixture is molasses, soya, cereal and alfalfa free and iAd digestive support as well as all-round health.

Horse feed balancers for young horses 

With young horses, it’s essential they get the right vitamins and minerals to support their growth. The highest purity minerals and vitamins, matched to grass, hay and the NRC recommendations aim to support bones, ligaments and tendons for horse up to the age of 6 yers old.

Horse feed balancers for breeding mares

For the first two trimesters of a mare’s pregnancy they will be fed as an adult horse. In the last trimester of horse pregnancy a more targeted approach needs to be taken. This will continue into the lactation period. We have chosen the most suitable horse balancer and selected separate nutritional supplements to support the health of the pregnant mare and the growth of a strong and healthy foal. Our pregnant mare feeding suggestions are based on statistical analysis of results of forage when related to the levels recommended by the NRC.

For information on horse feeding and health or advice on our analysis services and equine balancers, email us through our contact page. Or for even better results carry out analysis of the grass or hay your horse eats and allow us to check nutrient levels to optimise your horse’s diet and health even further.

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