Breeding Mare Balancers

Forageplus formulate all our balancers using statistical analysis of the many forage samples we carry out. We believe the best place to start, when feeding the breeding mare, is with the forage they eat so all our balancers are designed to compliment a ‘forage focused’™ feeding system.

Breeding Mare Horse Feed Balancers

Feeding the Breeding Mare

The responsibility of providing the best start for a young horse must start with the health of the mare even before she is pregnant by feeding according to a ‘forage focused’™ approach. We advise that all pregnant mares are fed our Hoof and Skin Health Balancer up to around 7 months of pregnancy and at least 6 months before conception.  This will allow good reserves of commonly deficient minerals which will affect the development of the unborn foetus.

After the 7 month period we prefer to advise owners of pregnant mares to test the grass, hay and haylage their mare will be eating. This means accurate feeding requirements can be determined and both the mare and foal can be provided with optimal nutrition throughout the pregnancy and beyond. Deficiencies of certain nutrients and excesses of others mean that foal health can be compromised not just in the short term but into adulthood too so really knowing what is contained in the pregnant mares diet is crucial.

Where testing of forage eaten by the pregnant mare is not possible then please do contact us for more advice. With our expertise and knowledge of forage from all over the UK and Europe we can definitely help you steer a path towards the best foal possible.

To find out more about careful and considered feeding of the pregnant mare for optimum foal health which will take the unborn foal into healthy and strong adulthood then read this article on feeding the pregnant mare.

Feeding the Lactating Mare

When feeding the lactating mare we still advise that a forage analysis will provide the very best results but we also stock a dedicated balancer which has been formulated with reference to the thousands of forage analysis reports we have on record. We also reference the NRC (2007) levels for lactating mares  and are very concerned that mineral ratios are matched to the common deficiencies in forage. Our approach is always ‘forage focused’™ as we believe that this is the way to provide optimum nutrition for breeding mares.

All our horse feed balancers are designed to be added to a bucket feed of the owner’s choice. Then by adding Forageplus horse feed balancers you can be sure that your horse always has the minerals and vitamins needed to support the health of both the mare and foal whether you need to feed a large or small concentrate feed.

Forageplus hoof health horse feed balancers contain no fillers, contain no sugar or starch and only the highest purity minerals and vitamins.

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