Egusin SLH Horse Fore and Hind Gut Support

Egusin SLH Fore and Hind Gut Support

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A cost effective and successful method of providing immediate nutritional support to horses for the ongoing maintenance of a healthy stomach and equine gut.

Egusin SLH is effective for both the fore and hind gut digestive support.

EGUSIN® SLH, immediate, digestive support for horses, both fore and hind gut

  • Works instantly with the horses digestive system to help maintain and sustain a natural stomach pH for maximum effect
  • Re-establishment and maintaining of healthy mucosa with each application
  • Contains nutritional soluble fibers to support healthy intestinal function
  • Easy to administer – no waste, easy to top dress
  • Very palatable – mixed into feed concentrates, horses will eat it willingly
  • Can be used in periods of both training and competition – contains no prohibited materials
  • Works for both fore and hind gut digestive support

How does Egusin SLH® work?

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The active neutraceuticals in Egusin SLH ® work 5 fold:

  • Phospholipids (lecithin) – maintain and support the hydrophobic lining of the gastric mucosa membranes and epithelia surface working with the natural intestinal defences to provide optimum digestive maintenance..
  • Nutritional fibres – helps to maintain the healthy function of the stomach and the colon.
  • Pectin – supports and maintains the gastric mucosa membranes. Supports the body by helping to bind toxins.
  • Supports intestinal health by helping to maintain a normal pH in the horse’s hind gut, working with the body to sustain correct digestive fermentation and helping support the health of the stomach lining in all horses.
  • Ave-Vita patented whole oats meal with a high content of fibres, has a positive nutritional impact on the intestinal system delaying the stomach emptying which aids in the maintenance of a healthy gastric environment.

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Egusin SLH contains a small amount of glucose to increase the uptake of salts and minerals from the intestinal lumen. Please find out about the levels here.

Egusin® SLH is an affordable, natural alternative for a healthy equine gastric stomach offering both fore and hind gut support

The Egusin concept includes 2 types of nutritional feed supplement for horses, ponies and foals to support digestion.  Both products support healthy intestinal balance and the maintenance of epithelial cells in the digestive tract by buffering the effects of excess gastric acid. This concept is based on a unique combination of active neutraceuticals which work with the bodies own defences to support the strength of the stomach lining.

EGUSIN SLH is used as the first nutritional feed supplement when supporting and maintaining the resilience of the horses digestive system.

EGUSIN 250 is used as the second “follow-up-diet” to maintain proper healthy stomach function.


In addition to the unique combination of selected antacids, dietary supplements and fibres, both EGUSIN® products contain micro-milled whole oats (groats).

The nutritional health benefits of oats have been accepted for centuries. Egusin contains a unique micro-milled whole oats meal-which allows the oats to retain a high proportion of valuable nutritional fibres to support healthy intestinal function.

The nutritional fibres in Egusin contain:
· Beta-glucan - gels in the stomach, supporting the natural coating of the stomach lining.
· Insoluble oats fibres - delays the stomach emptying which aids the maintenance of healthy gastric function particularly in horses prone to gastrointestinal disorders.
· Polar lipids - rich phospholipids that aid the maintenance of a healthy stomach lining.
· Natural antioxidants - to supporting muscle cells from degradation by free radicals.

SUPPORT: For horses digestive systems

Feed 50 grams of Egusin SLH per 100 kg body weight daily for a minimum period of 2 weeks.

A 500 kg horse needs 250 grams daily, divided into the morning and evening feeding.

Maintenance feeding rate:

Foals and young horses (4-12 months): Feed 125 grams of Egusin SLH daily, for a minimum period of 2 weeks. Divide into the morning and evening feed.

Horses in training: Feed 250 grams of Egusin SLH daily, for a minimum period of 2 weeks. Divide into the morning and evening feed. Horses which continue to display low levels of the following behaviours, at the two week feeding mark, will benefit from continuing with this nutritional support.

  • Decreased feed intake or complete inappetence of concentrate feed
  • Poor feed efficiency and subsequent weight loss
  • Loss of performance
  • Development of stereotypes such as wood chewing, weaving, and stall walking, reluctance when ridden.

Measuring cup for 100 grams is included.

Egusin can also be mixed into lukewarm water. Add 250 grams of Egusin to 1 litre of water and mix it into soaked feed (beet pellets/high fibre feed).

Egusin can be supplemented in periods when horses are participating in competitions, as the product does not contain any substances prohibited by the FEI or Jockey Club, and there are no undesirable secondary effects.


Egusin SLH: 5 kg bucket - sufficient for feeding a 500 kg horse for 3 weeks.

5.00 out of 5

5 reviews for Egusin SLH Fore and Hind Gut Support

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Sylvia Byerley INTELLIGENT HORSECARE on May 15, 2013 :

    Thrilled with the results from Egusin SLH and 250

    We have been using Egusin SLH and 250 with our own horses for a while now and have been thrilled with the results. Most of our herd are rescued horses and are all now looking very happy and comfortable with Egusin added to their diet.

    Sylvia Byerley

  2. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Jo Smalley on June 16, 2013 :

    Happy and Hacking Out after Egusin SLH Digestive Support

    Since being fed Egusin SLH our horse is now happy and hacking out confidently and doesn’t mind being girthed or brushed. Thank you so much for your help. Looking forward to our summer of hacking happily and safely along our lanes!

    Jo Smalley, Cumbria

  3. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Fran Turner on June 20, 2013 :

    An absolute miracle product
    I swapped my ex racer, Prophet’s Star (Pea), who is now doing dressage, on to Egusin SLH to support and aid his recovery in addition to the Gastroguard which my vet had prescribed. He had behavioural problems: aggressive kicking at the leg under saddle, rearing, running backwards, and biting/tail swishing when groomed or touched along his sides.

    I can honestly say this has been an absolute miracle product for him and I would not be without it in the feed room. He is always going to be a quirky horse but he has completely stopped kicking and running backwards, and is happy to be handled and touched now. Not only is he comfortable, but he looks fantastic, shiny coat, super topline etc, he gleams with health.

    Pea is now competing happily at PSG level, quite an achievement for an ex racehorse, and we are aiming to eventually compete at international GP level. There is no doubt in my mind that Egusin SLH will have helped us get there by maintaining and supporting my horses health. I would not hesitate to recommend this or other Forageplus supplements, to friends or clients.

    So from myself, and Pea …… thank you!

    Fran Turner

  4. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Carol Ross on September 28, 2013 :

    Balou has just started his 3rd tub of Egusin and is maintaining a healthy digestive system.

    It’s great to see him enjoying his food and cleaning up his bowl. In the past he was not eating at all except hay. He would look at his food and turn away. Forageplus suggested using Egusin to naturally support his digestive system. When we started Egusin his desire to eat improved 100% almost overnight. I will certainly be continuing to use Egusin in the future to support and maintain his healthy gut.

    C. Ross and a very happy 20 year old named Balou

  5. 5 out of 5

    Rating by HelenAnnetts on February 20, 2014 :

    I suspected that my horse may need gastric support after attending a Dr Kerry Ridgeway talk organised by Forageplus. She’d become very cinchy to girth up, biting on anything around and refusing to stand still which was unusual behaviour. I decided to support her nutritionally. She improved within 3 days of starting Egusin SLH and is now back to be very happy to tack up, eating better and generally looking much happier. I would definitely recommend this supplement.

  6. Rating by Samantha Moore on April 3, 2014 :

    Only 5 years old and not in a lot of work, my trimmer noticed he did not like to stand still for any length of time whilst being tied up to have his feet trimmed, that he stood there chewing the wooden rail, he was fidgety and constantly needing occupying. I thought that was just his way and was mortified to think I had not noticed he could be uncomfortable in his stomach. I was also shocked to hear this suggestion as he was on a high fibre, very low sugar/starch diet. However, I tried him on Egusin. I noticed a slight change within a few days but the noticeable change came after 4 weeks. By the 5th week, he stood quietly, did not chew the wood and was generally much easier to handle and to be around. I thought he would be fine after being on it for 5 weeks so discontinued feeding but at the same time he went on 2 months box rest which in hindsight was very naive of me. I have now ordered more Egusin to help him get through this as the stress of being on box rest will mean he needs support to maintain a healthy digestive system. Having seen such a difference in his behaviour, I will be keeping him on Egusin 250 as maintenance for many months to come! I totally recommend this product and would strongly recommend a 4/5 week period minimum to see the best results. Good luck!

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