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Forage First pelleted, high fibre horse feed balancer is made with no fillers, no molasses, no cereals, no soya and no alfalfa.

It contains under 10% combined sugar and starch content. It is safe to feed to good doer horses, ponies and donkeys prone to laminitis.

An ultra-low iron, horse feed balancer, formulated for superior health of skin, hooves, digestion and muscles.
The formula uses data obtained from scientific analysis of many samples of forage. It contains only the commonly deficient nutrients as matched to both grass and hay and makes reference to daily levels and ratios of nutrients required for optimum all-round health.

  • Formulated to match the grass and hay your horse eats
  • Convenient and healthy
  • Very low sugar and starch
  • Mollases, soya, cereal and alfalfa free
  • Low iron
  • Includes digestive support
  • Suitable for all horses in maintenance and up to moderate work
  • Excellent for good doers and all animals prone to laminitis

Highly convenient, just feed off your hand, out of a bucket or treat ball or top dress on your normal bucket feed.

For even better results carry out analysis of the forage your horse eats and allow us to check nutrient levels to optimise your horse’s diet and health even further.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

Analysis Info

The minerals used are of a good quality to ensure against contamination with heavy metals and enable good absorption rates.

We use particularly low forms of mono-sodium phosphate and magnesium oxide in our balancers.

Read here for info on our ultra low formulation

Ingredients: British meadow hay, beetroot powder, Forageplus high quality vitamins, minerals and amino acids

Typical Analysis
ESC sugar 3.2% Starch 0.2% Protein 10.8% DE 10.26 MJ/kg

Major Minerals  Calcium 1.85% (naturally occurring) Phosphorous 1.2%, Magnesium 2.2%, Sodium 0.8%, Potassium 1.64%, Chloride 1.16%,

Trace Minerals Manganese 110 mg/kg (naturally occurring), Copper 644.00 mg/kg, Zinc 1814.5 mg/kg, Selenium 2.03 mg/kg, Iodine 5.84 mg/kg, Iron 120 mg/kg (naturally occurring)

Sources of minerals where added as a mineral premix: Magnesium Oxide (below 30 ppm iron) Mono-Sodium Phosphate (below 30 ppm iron), Bioplex Zinc, Bioplex Copper, Selenium Yeast, Calcium Iodate (iodine)

Amino Acids
10 grams lysine, 10 grams Yeasacc, 3 grams methionine,

Vitamins 1000 iu vitamin E (natural source), 15000 iu vitamin A, 90 mg niacin, 40 mg riboflavin, 35 mg pantothenic acid, 35 mg pyridoxine, 30 mg thiamine, 25 mg folic acid, 20 mg biotin, 300 mcg Vitamin B12

Feed Rates

Feed rates by bodyweight:

Under 200 kg – 150 grams per day

200 – 400 kg – 250 grams per day

400 – 600 kg – 300 grams per day

600 – 700 kg – 350 grams per day

700 – 800 kg – 400 grams per day

Feeding a 400-600kg horse this product should last you 33.3 days.

A standard sized coffee mug contains approximately 300 grams

FAQ Info

When should I feed this Forageplus balancer?

Feed this balancer to horses and ponies in maintenance to moderate work throughout the year. Horses which do not have adequate access to green and growing pasture should also be fed 42 grams per 220kg of horse bodyweight of micronised linseed with this balancer. This will provide essential omega three fat, through the winter months or if the animal is not on green and growing pasture for more than 6 hours per day.

What is the cost per day of a Forageplus Forage First Pelleted Balancer

Visit this page for more information about the cost of using Forageplus horse feed supplements

Which horses suit this Forageplus balancer?

All horses, ponies and donkeys, including those prone to laminitis. The addition of B vitamins will provide additional nutritional support particularly if your horse has itchy skin. High levels of copper, zinc and biotin will provide nutritional support for various hoof and skin issues. The addition of a probiotic will support a healthy digestive system.

Horses at maintenance or working at light to moderate level will do very well on this balancer.

If your horse is working at moderate to heavy work loads then consider using Forageplus Performance Balancer

If your horse is a laminitis prone horse on older hay without access to grazing then consider using Forageplus Laminae Plus Balancer

How does Forageplus formulate their horse feed balancers?

We have a very different approach to the levels of nutrients which starts with the grass, hay or haylage horses eat. Find out more about how we use statistical analysis of hundreds of scientific reports of forage to formulate the levels in our horse feed balancers here.


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