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*UK Customers: Please note that as delivery for this grass mineral analysis for horses is free this product does not count towards your total delivery cost in respect of free delivery on orders over £80 *

Forageplus grass mineral analysis for horses gives a full mineral profile of horse grass, all macro and micro minerals are included. Match horse minerals to horse grass and balance horse feed. Mineral reports provided by other companies can exclude selenium, iodine or chloride.  The report provided is created by a UKAS accredited lab using wet chemistry methods.

Please note that this is purely a report of the grass mineral levels in your sample of horse pasture showing high and low levels of each mineral. It does not include an interpretation or a feed plan. It does not included ESC or starch levels, for this you need a nutritional analysis. If you require interpretation of the report and a feed plan to be formulated for your horse then please order this separately. Our analysis includes all the minerals known to be essential in the equine diet, plus levels of antagonist minerals aluminium, lead and molybdenum.

The following elements are included in this grass mineral analysis for horses:

Calcium                          Copper                             Cobalt
Magnesium                    Zinc                                  Sulphur
Phosphorous                 Selenium                         Molybdenum
Sodium                           Manganese                     Aluminium
Potassium                      Iron                                   Lead
Chloride                         Iodine

Information on horse grass mineral supply is the Forageplus starting point to balancing your horse’s diet and nutrition so that your unique situation is addressed for optimum health and performance. Full grass mineral analysis for horses is useful to determine the exact balance of minerals your horse needs to be supplemented each day.

Approximately 150 grams of a representative sample is needed. Please note that this representative sample will need to be taken from a larger sample which comes at least 15 different areas of your field.  Please make sure you FILL the sample bag, bags which are not filled may have insufficient sample for the lab to test which will result in you being required to provide a second sample and your results being delayed.

After ordering this grass mineral analysis for horses please wait for us to send you our sampling kit in the post. This will include full instructions, a sample bag and postage bag. We prefer you to send your sample straight to our lab so that the sample is as fresh as possible. The results will then be emailed to us 10-14 days after the lab receives the sample.

You can find the instructions on this infographic HERE. If you want to start preparing your samples.

Customers from outside the UK wishing to use our service will need to send samples to us at Forageplus, full instructions will be sent via email once we receive your order.



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