Nutritional NIR Analysis – Hay


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You will not receive a kit for this product, please look out for an email.  You will need to send this sample back to Forageplus.  Postage is not included for sending the sample to us.

This analysis gives information on the nutritional value of your hay. Particularly relevant is information on sugar (ESC and WSC separately) and starch levels for laminitic horses.

The report is  carried out by an international laboratory using high tech near infrared technology to identify a full range of data – Dry Matter, Digestible Energy, Crude Protein, Acid Detergent Fibre, Neutral Detergent Fibre, Water Soluble Carbohydrates, ESC (Simple Sugars), Starch, and Non Fibre Carbohydrates.

This information is vitally important when feeding laminitic horses. An ESC sugar and starch content of over 10% has been found to be unsuitable for laminitic horses and keeping starch and sugar content to under 10% can make a dramatic difference to these horses.  This report will tell you whether you need to soak your hay or whether soaking has been enough to make your forage suitable for a laminitic horse.

The analysis also measures protein levels and digestible energy levels for horses so that performance horses, good doers or horses which are hard to keep weight on can be fed accurate amounts of forage for reducing or maintaining weight.  Please note that this is purely a report of the nutritional levels in your forage showing percentage and gram amounts in your sample.  It does not include an interpretation or a feed plan.  If you require interpretation of the report and a feed plan to be formulated for your horse then please order this separately.  Unlike the mineral analysis you will be required to post this sample to us at Forageplus.

A nutritional report will allow Forageplus to decide whether your horse needs additional protein and hard feed or whether just supplementing with minerals will be sufficient to cover all your horses nutritional needs.

Approximately 150 grams of a representative sample is needed.

After you have purchased this analysis please wait for us to send you instructions on how to collect a sample or you can find the instructions on this infographic HEREYou will need to send this sample to us at Forageplus, it does not go to the same lab which carries out the mineral analysis. This representative sample will need to be taken from a larger sample which comes from 6 – 10 bales.

To avoid any extra charges due to increases in lab fees please use any analysis kit, bought from Forageplus, within 6 months of purchase.


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