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This superior, high specification, ultra-low iron, equine balancer has been formulated for use with performance horses in moderate to heavy work on at least 8 hours of green and growing grass. 

This summer balancer is a powder, which is very low in sugar and starch, contains no fillers and only the highest purity minerals and vitamins. The Forageplus Performance Summer Equine Balancer makes the ideal accompaniment to straight feeds such as beet pulp, oats, alfalfa, copra and wheat bran although compound mixes can also be used.  

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If your horse has access to less than 8 hours of grazing, or hay/haylage makes up 50% or more of the diet, feed our Performance Winter Balancer version as it contains high levels of vitamin E to maintain antioxidant processes to help neutralise against free radicals in the body. Both Performance versions of our balancers have been formulated using data obtained from scientific analysis of our many samples of forage and contain only the commonly deficient minerals, vitamins and amino acids found to be needed to help balance the diet of a performance horse. All the ingredients are designed to aid optimum health and performance.

This balancer will support muscle strength and development, enhance stamina and athleticism and give your horse the extra nutrients needed to maintain a high level of performance in all activities. The minerals used are of high quality to ensure against contamination with heavy metals and enable good absorption rates.

“Amazing! My horse has just got back from a training ride on the beach, stamina better, speed better, can’t believe that minerals balanced to the ratios in forage are making such a difference! I’ll never go back to a broad spectrum mineral feed again.” Chris Leadbetter, Lancashire.

Forageplus Summer Performance Equine Balancer matches nutrients to the forage consumed by a horse. Supplying correct levels of nutrients, as matched to ratios determined by the National Research Council, is an important consideration for horses in moderate to very hard work so that there is support and maintenance of:

  • healthy skin
  • healthy structurally sound and robust hooves with a strong laminae connection
  • healthy frogs
  • vibrant, shiny coat colour free from coat bleaching
  • robust tendons, ligaments and joints
  • a strong immune system
  • healthy muscles
  • healthy nerves
  • healthy lungs and breathing
  • a well functioning metabolic system
  • good fertility and bone
  • a healthy digestive system
  • strong liver function
  • healthy joints
  • good growth in young horses

Horses that are subjected to high levels of stress through frequent competition and or travelling may also benefit from Gut Plus for maintenance of gut health in the absence of equine ulcers.  To help support the maintenance of muscles and a healthy immune system we recommend APF Pro.

Compare the ingredients of Forageplus Horse Feed Balancers

This product is particularly useful for those unable to take forage samples for analysis or those wishing to add further products from a base that contains no iron or manganese but good levels of copper, zinc and magnesium.

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Analysis Info

The minerals used are of a good quality to ensure against contamination with heavy metals and enable good absorption rates.

We use particularly low forms of mono-sodium phosphate and magnesium oxide in our balancers.

Read here for info on our ultra low formulation

Oil 6.74%, Protein 19.20% and DE 7.39 MJ/kg (please note these are Kg amounts)

Each 170 gram feed level contains:
37.4 grams of micronised linseed
20 grams lysine
10 grams phosphorous (mono-sodium.phosphate)
12 grams magnesium (magnesium oxide)
400 mg copper (bioplex)
1200mg zinc (bioplex)
1.5 mg selenium (yeast)
3 mg iodine (calcium iodate)
15 grams salt
10 grams Yeasacc
2500 mg methionine
2 grams vitamin C
100 mg thiamine
50 mg riboflavin
25 mg niacin
20 mg biotin
25 mg folic acid
20 mcg vitamin B12
50 mg pyridoxine
50 mg pantothenic acid


Be aware that the above analysis for 170 grams is equivalent to elemental values fed.

The volume feed rate (170 grams) is not the same as the elemental feed rate values (above). Therefore the above figures will not equal 170 grams.


Feed Rate

200 – 350 kg horse 130 grams per day

350 – 450 kg horse 150 grams per day

450 – 650 kg horse 170 grams per day

650 – 800 kg horse 190 grams per day

A 75ml scoop contains approximately 60 grams.

Feeding a 400 -600kg horse this product should last you 29 days.

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When should I feed this balancer?

Feed this balancer to horses in moderate to heavy work, grazing pasture in summer from April to October. Horses which do not have adequate access to green and growing pasture should be fed extra vitamin E and omega 3 (in the form of micronised linseed) all year round to ensure adequate levels of both these substances are maintained.

Which horses suit this balancer?

Horses working at moderate level to very heavy work levels will do very well on this balancer. The addition of the B vitamins will provide additional nutritional support particularly if your horse has itchy skin. For those on a predominantly hay or haylage based diet then choose our winter version of this Performance Balancer to cover vitamin E requirements.

What is the cost per day of a Forageplus Performance Balancer

Forageplus Performance Winter200-400 kg Horse400-600 kg Horse600-700 kg Horse700-800 kg Horse
Cost per day£1.89£2.16£2.43£2.56
Days one 5KG bag will last35.731.2527.726.3
Forageplus Performance Summer200-400 kg Horse400-600 kg Horse600-700 kg Horse700-800 kg Horse
Cost per day £1.64£1.87£2.11£2.22
Days one 5KG bag will last35.731.2527.726.3
Forage First Pelleted Balancer200-400 kg Horse400-600 kg Horse600-700 kg Horse700-800 kg Horse
Cost per day £1.45£1.74£2.03£2.32
Days one 10KG bag will last4033.328.525

Visit this page for more information about the cost of using Forageplus horse feed supplements

What should I feed with this balancer?

We recommend the feeding of straight feeds like beet pulp, oats, alfalfa and copra with our balancers, however compound feeds can also be used. The important thing to remember is that our minerals provide the nutrients needed to fuel the chemical reactions taking place in the body.

Having the correct ratio of minerals available, matched to forage, in a nutritionally focussed supplement works much, much better than a broad spectrum approach which is the one used in all bagged feeds.

Feed our minerals to provide optimum nutrient levels then provide your energy requirements from a range of straight feeds. If you need advice then contact us as we are experts in this field due to drag hunting our horses through winter and competing in endurance through summer.

Read this article to find out more about optimum feed for performance horses

What about electrolytes?

Our balancer supplies 15 grams of salt per 170 gram dose, this is above the normal amount needed to match what is commonly deficient in most forages. However if your horse sweats heavily for more than 1 hour we would advise the addition of another 20 grams of salt in the horses feed after exercise and drinking. If your horses is sweating more than this then contact us for advice.

How does Forageplus formulate their horse feed balancers?

We have a very different approach to the levels of nutrients which starts with the grass, hay or haylage horses eat. Find out more about how we use statistical analysis of hundreds of scientific reports of forage to formulate the levels in our horse feed balancers here.

6 reviews for Performance Summer Equine Balancer

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kelly Elliott (verified owner)

    My Eventing mare competes a 2* level on this and she has never felt and looked so good. I would never switch to another balancer now, I so glad I moved away from the typical big brands’ balancers – thank you Forage Plus!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Gillian Lanning (verified owner)

    The Performance Balance has transformed our Warmbood Dressage gelding who struggled at competitions and training. Now he is able to keep his strength and energy to excel to the best of his ability.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Danni Hignett (verified owner)

    Really like this balancer, my young warmblood is very sensitive to feeds. This doesn’t fizz him up but he isn’t sluggish either. I know with forage Plus I’m not putting and nasties into him. He’s also barefoot and this is a great addition to his diet

  4. 5 out of 5


    I started using the Performance Summer Balancer in June this year. I was a little apprehensive as my horse is very fussy when it comes to mineral supplements and I’ve wasted no end of uneaten feed and supplements over the years. So the first test was going to be whether he would eat it or not…..he did!!
    He’d also come out of the winter looking a bit moth eaten, but I’m pleased to report in the fairly short time we have been using the balancer he is now looking a million dollars (and there have been no other changes that could contribute to this). His coat is so shiny!
    My main reason for choosing the performance balancer was because he is a competition horse (barefoot) and competes at BD elementary/medium level, so I needed something that supported him nutritionally to cope with the level of work he does. I did a lot of research into what I wanted the supplement to contain and had some very helpful emails from Forageplus to guide me in selecting the correct balancer. Highly recommend this product, especially if you need a ‘one tub’ solution like I did!

  5. 5 out of 5


    We started our Arab on the balancer at the end of January to see if it would support the health of his feet. In previous years he’s always needed at least front boots at home to cope with road work at some stage or other during spring/summer, but this year he hasn’t needed boots at home at all. He has also noticeably improved over stones, he can now walk over small gravelly stretches quite happily, where as previously he couldn’t.

  6. 5 out of 5


    The Performance Balancer has really helped turn my reining mare around: on her previous feed balancers she could be twitchy and prone to early fatigue. Since being on the Performance Balancer (from January 2013) her energy levels have been a lot more consistent and she seems a lot happier in herself. I have had lots of comments about her fabulous coat condition and her feet are in good health. All in, an impressive result!

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