Taking on the Challenge at the Grand Age of 27!

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My wonderful horse Fröyko is a 27-year-old gelding from the North of Norway, a Nordlandic horse (a breed in its own right and said to be the forefather of the Icelandic horse). He and I live in Sweden.

Fröyko is a very safe and capable horse. He loves trail rides and is a brilliant jumper. In 2002 he had a colic surgery which the vets thought he’d never survive since it had taken us 30 hours until we had gotten to the hospital. So it’s 12 years since then and I’ve had many, many moments of joy and fun with him.

Beating tendon injuries with Forageplus

But disaster stuck on February 22 in 2014 when we found Fröyko in the woods standing on three legs. These winter months in Sweden had been a challenge because the little snow we had, always turned into ice! Fröyko could barely walk, we think he must have slipped on the icy ground. This slip resulted in a severe injury to his superficial flexor tendon. His equine veterinary scan showed that 80% of the tendon was damaged.

Equine vet scan showed 80% of the tendon was damaged

Following my vet’s advice, I had to keep Fröyko in a tiny box for months, but every day I kept him active with games and other challenges to make sure that his mind wouldn’t go to pot. I also ordered products from Forageplus that would support tendon strength and resilience. The Forageplus team were great, supporting me with advice and compassion. Our talks on the phone reassured me that all would be well when I followed the vet’s advice and fed Fröyko a diet to support and maintain his whole health!

I had hay samples tested with Forageplus and bought a feed plan for my horse so that a ‘Forage Focused’ approach would give him a totally balanced diet. Nothing was good enough except the best and Forageplus provided that! In addition, I used arnica, had him wear a magnetic bandage every day and he was given several sessions by a cranio-sacral therapist. Dr. Lance Wright (FlowTrition.com). The list goes on… I wanted everything to work together for my horse’s recovery.

A ‘Forage Focused’ approach supported his whole health

Forageplus helps tendon recovery of horse

Then the time came for the vet to carry out the final scan. When she saw the tendon she was really amazed and pleased with how it had healed and decided to skip the scan. She declared my horse as healed!!!

I am so incredibly grateful for all the help I’ve had from friends and horse lovers but especially from Forageplus who supported me so well.

Last but not least I give all the credit to my little prince Fröyko for his courage to take on this challenge with me, at the grand old age of 27. Without his willingness it wouldn’t have been possible! It was a journey we shared and it has brought us so much joy and closeness in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

The lessons I learned from Fröyko were that nothing is impossible! Have faith! Don’t give up! And LISTEN!

Fröyko is a more playful horse, he doesn’t think he is 27!

Lately I have been riding Fröyko at the trot and canter on circles and straight lines, he has jumped logs and barrels and even gone for trail rides that are a 10 miles (16km) long. I’m also doing dressage with him in alignment with Karen Rohlf’s method (Dressage Naturally, DN.com) to strengthen his body, mind and spirit by teaching him how to combine relaxation, energy and balance. Fröyko is more positive, alert, energetic and playful than ever before, he doesn’t think he is 27!

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