Teddy Two Shoes Beats His Abscesses

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Teddy Two Shoes a part bred Clydesdale was introduced to us by his owner as a two yr old.  Just a few months earlier his owner, was facing the prospect of putting him to sleep due to having repeated abscessing in all four feet.  Read his full story and find out how balanced minerals, and in particular increasing the levels of copper and zinc in this horse’s diet, helped support his return to health.

Teddy Two Shoes and abscess free hooves

Teddy 2 Shoes was three days old when I first saw him and I loved him immediately.  I knew he was going to be a big horse even then and just right for me and a dream come true.

However my dream proved not to be an easy one and from around seven weeks old he suffered from numerous abscesses in all four hooves.  In the beginning I just thought it was a one off but by the time he was 6 months old, he’d had at least 8 abscesses and the vet found a further three in three separate feet whilst he was under general anaesthetic.   I spoke to my horse vet and my farrier on a regular basis and they tried very hard to help me, but nothing helped and a year later he was facing being put to sleep.  I felt sick.

I contacted Forageplus when Teddy was 17 months old and he’d had over 20 abscesses by then…..I was literally on my knees with worry and exhausted.  That phone call changed my life……literally!  I felt like a weight had been lifted off me and there was light at the end of the tunnel. I also spoke to other horse owners suffering the same as me and slowly I gained enough information and knowledge to understand what was happening.  Forageplus suggested a diet to support Teddy’s health.   Overnight his nutrition changed and I told myself that I’d give Teddy 6 months with me doing all I could to turn things around and give him a future.

We are now nearly 8 months down the line and the difference is simply outstanding!  Teddy has healthy hooves and his coat is so shiny and silky that I reckon when it’s time to back him his saddle will slip off.  He’s the picture of health but calm and sensible.  I can really imagine myself on him now and living with me forever.  I hope this story serves to help others out there who are suffering like I did.  I’m happy to share my story with anyone out there if there is a chance of helping even one poor owner who is suffering like I did.

A massive thank you to Forageplus and all those I spoke to.  The support I received was second to none and Teddy 2 Shoes has a bright future.

Angela Bicknell

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