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Thank you for downloading an Easy Pack analysis report.  This report will have been sent to the email you provided. Please just look in your inbox for an email and click the Claim Your Download button to view the analysis PDF.  If you can’t see it there then check your junk mail or just contact us here at Forageplus.

Forageplus and Easy Pack are working together to provide information to accompany the Easy Pack Equine Range. All of the grasses used in the Easy Pack Range are grown specifically for equine use on their family farm in West Sussex.  Easy Pack produce outstanding natural, high fibre feed products for your horse and Forageplus have been analysing their products since 2015.

Easy Pack Scientific Analysis Reports from Forageplus

The analysis information available through Forageplus will enable horse owners to make the best and most suitable feed choices using high quality, full anlaysed, high fibre, feed products. You will also be able to access the support and help of the Forageplus nutritional team.

You can find out more about the Easy Pack equine products here

Once you have a look at your report you may want some more information, suggestions and advice on how to best feed your horse.

Our horse feeding service starts with the grass, hay or haylage your horse eats and then moves on to look at the content of the extra supplements and feed needed to balance the daily diet.  This balance will cover:

We can use forage analysis to formulate a bespoke horse feeding plan, unique to each horse in their environment, the diet can be optimised with what the horse actually needs, at the level of work being undertaken. Unlike other nutrition companies we don’t have a one size fits all approach.

We can also direct you to our range of ‘forage focused’™ horse feeding balancers which we have created based on thousands of forage analysis. Even if you cannot carry out testing of your hay, haylage or grass you can feed to match the common deficiencies in a diet which starts with grass, hay or haylage.

Find out about the Forageplus Horse Feed Balancers

Finding out about using the Forageplus Horse Feed Service

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