Using Forageplus to Analyse Soil for Improvement of Horse Pasture

Find out about using Forageplus services to analyse soil to improve the grass which grows upon your horse pasture.  The health of the soil affects the health of the grass.  Ultimately the health of the grass will affect your horse.

using forageplus horse pasture analyse soil service

We use Albrecht principles to report on the soil health of horse pasture.  Albrecht principles are very different from the conventional approach to managing soil fertility.  Albrecht analysis focuses on the balance of minerals in terms of ratios in the soil and calculates applications of each mineral according to the optimum for each individual pasture.

Most horse pasture is compacted and sick due to removal of droppings and lack of applications to balance the mineral profile of the soil.  It is important to understand that only healthy soil will grow healthy grass and that a complicated relationship exists between the health of soil micro-organisms and the health of the plants grown upon the soil.  Soil is much more than just an anchorage point for plants and when it is sick this will have an impact upon animals grazing upon grass grown upon such land.   If you wish to improve your equine pasture then knowing the mineral and pH status of your soil is crucial.

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