What to Feed Horses!

Join Sarah Braithwaite for a free, informative online presentation on understanding what to feed horses.


Find out how in 2006 Sarah realised her dream of waking up in the morning and seeing her horses grazing outside her bedroom window only to watch over the next two years her dream going horribly wrong. She had no idea what to feed horses and then she found the solution through testing hay and grass and haylage.

My passion is understanding whole horse health and leaving no stone unturned to do the best for the horses in my care.  Now my learning enables my customers to get the best fun and health from the horses in their care. Sarah Braithwaite

See the trailer for a free view video presentation on Sarah’s journey into understanding how to help her horses’ health.

What to feed horses is easy if you test your grass, hay or haylage

Listen to how Sarah discovered it was the nutrition available through the grass grown on her land which was causing problems such as skin infections, skin sensitivity in terms of itching, lethargy, hoof abscesses, white line infections, difficulty in getting the horses fit for hunting and endurance, thrush, dull sun bleached coats and weeping eyes.

Learn about:

  • How minerals out of balance in grass, hay or haylage impact horse health
  • How copper and other minerals, low in forage and the total diet of horses, are vital for the health of skin, hooves and many vital processes in the body
  • How knowing what nutrients are commonly deficient in forage is the key to more horse health than you ever knew was possible.
  • How Sarah now knows exactly what to feed horses.
  • How you can make your grass, hay and haylage healthier so that your horse blooms with health and you feed less.
  • How you can make the land your horses live upon healthy.
  • What to feed horses for the best health possible.


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